Beautiful hair is hydrated hair. Enter: Hello Hair Hydrating Mask.

hello-hair-treatment-hydrating-maskA Hello Hair Mask and a cup of tea? Why, thank you.

If you’re a bleach babe or a flat-iron fanatic, you understand how annoying (and costly) the adventures of avoiding hair damage can be. Give us something that promises to replenish our styled-out locks, and sure, we’ll try it. Give us something that actually replenishes and restores our strands, and we’ll use it — forever! Our latest keeper is Hello Hair Hydrating Mask, a 100% natural blend that includes Coconut, Almond and Argan oils for reconstruction and strength. We’re so in love with Hello Hair, especially their Island Escape Edition Mask.

We’ve used all-natural botanical extracts of lime, grapefruit, vanilla and coconut to fragrance this Limited Edition product.

For their Island Escape product, Hello Hair has introduced a few fresh ingredients. It’s all in the composition! Grapeseed oil, which is a light and non-greasy substance, helps penetrate and nourish the scalp. Pomegranate Seed Oil, considered a super serum, provides elements for strength and luster. Meanwhile, Coconut Oil acts for reconstruction by providing softness and shine, Argan Oil hydrates and Olive Oil sooths and smooths.

hello-hair-hydrating-mask-care-treatmentGet your mask here, here, $15 – $18.

Hello Hair is applied when the hair is dry (points for convenience!). When you’re used to more extensive regular treatments, this can seem weird at first, but rest assured, it’s awesome. The mask is oil-based; applying to dry hair allows the nutrients to absorb straight away. On average, each pouch contains enough for four treatment sessions, depending on thickness and length. You’ll get the feel of how much to use after one go, as you’ll want your hair to be saturated, but not dripping all over the place.

Apply, wrap in a towel and do a little Netflix binge sesh… And you’re all set. Use the mask around once a week, or if you’re having some serious issues, use it twice a week.

Check out their Instagram for tips and experiences. It’s hair heaven.