For the fiercely fabulous girl who has limited cash flow or wants to save a few (for a new Balenciaga handbag) here are some of our favorite homemade face regimens we’ve found. Also, these Natural Homemade Beauty tips are edible! (i.e. Yummy picture below.)

outmeal homemade beauty face mask

Beauty is pain… for your wallet, that is. But with a few Natural Homemade Beauty Tips, you can turn coffee grounds into gold and half of your daily breakfast can double as a face-mask. Here’s a curated list of beauty remedies, perfect for when you run out of money, using a few ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. — written & photographed by TESCIA DEAK

Shopping list: Coconut oil, Coffee, Green tea, Cinnamon, Turbinado Sugar, Honey, Olive Oil, Grapefruit, Baking Soda. Almonds, Milk (cow or goat), Oatmeal.

Magic Eyes Cube

magic eyes cube tea bags homemade beauty recipe

You can brighten up your dark circles and reduce the puff under your eyes without a magic cream! When I was a makeup artist for M.A.C, I lived by Fast Response Eye Cream, and it was there that I learned caffeine could be used to rejuvenate your under eyes (as well as your mood).

For your budget friendly morning glow, start by brewing green tea. Use four bags of green tea for every cup of water and leave your mixture to brew for 10-15 minutes. Pour your tea evenly over your ice tray. If you have matcha powder on hand, you may use this as a substitute. Mix ½ tsp of matcha green tea powder for every cup of warm water. Whala. Now freeze. After freezing, run your magic ice cube under water to eliminate any freezer frost and massage under your eyes and all over your face if you need more of a boost. (tip source via

Added Benefits: The caffeine will help reduce the puff and dark circle by constricting the blood vessels, and contains tannins, which help reduce the swollen tissue.

Edible: Use your leftover brew as your morning cup, or use the frozen cubes as iced green tea.

green tea eye cubes

Breakfast Face Wash

breakfast face wash with walnuts

So fresh and so clean clean is what you’ll be singing after you use this face wash. This recipe is so poplar that even the ayurvedic skincare brand guru Pratima Raichur recommends this almond /milk concoction. This is a recipe that I was pretty skeptical about, but I wanted to make sure that I had an option for face wash in case I ever ran out. I currently use a goat’s milk soap for my body and love the effect lactic acid leaves on the skin. This is really fast to make… All you need is old fashioned oatmeal, raw almonds and milk — cow’s or goat’s will do, whichever you prefer. Mix together equal parts of the three ingredients, run through a blender and make sure your mixture is really smooth.

Dampen your face, apply and wash clean. This face wash will not emulsify, because there’s no soap in it, but it will leave you feeling fresh, and surprisingly clean. (You may need a damp cloth to get all of the pieces off.) Additionally, you can use it as a mask and leave on for 10 minutes, or you can use it as a scrub and add some turbinado sugar. Store your mixture in the fridge and make sure to label the expiration date of the milk, although it has been said that Cleopatra bathed in sour milk to increase the benefits of the lactic acid. Lastly, the oatmeal will absorb some of the moisture as it sits so you may need to loosen it with some water as you apply in the future.

Edible: You can eat this! As I was whipping up these beauty cocktails I got a bit hungry and wanted to prove that these products go a long. I took the remaining mixture of the facewash added ½ – ¾ cup of water and cooked over low heat. I added a dash of vanilla extract, cinnamon and a drizzle of amber agave nectar.

Added Benefits: Not only is the lactic acid found in milk a natural exfoliant, it’s moisturizing, helps promote collagen growth (yay less wrinkles) and helps even skin tone and diminish acne scars. Oatmeal calms irritated skin and helps restore a natural balance and shares the benefit of absorbing impurities with raw almonds. Almonds help reduce all the things that come with aging including dark spots, crow’s feet and fine lines. Yes!

oatmeal face wash

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Jello Perfect Pore Strip from Michelle Phan

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