Facial Massage: What the heck it is and why do you need to be doing it.

facial massage steps

So by now we’ve all heard about how strategic highlighting is the miracle trick to securing model-off-duty dewy skin that we all so crave, and about how countering your face can give you the look of Keira Knightley’s cheekbones. But have you heard about facial massage, the latest in skin-beautifying tools and tricks? That’s right, massaging your face is apparently the next big thing when it comes to giving your face a child-like glow.

So what on earth does prodding your face with your fingers have to do with good skincare? Of late, a number of models and skincare gurus have listed facial massage as one of the best tricks they’ve picked up backstage, and when models are telling us how to get better skin, we have a tendency to listen.

What it Does:

You know how a good massage gets your blood flowing around just a bit easier to all the regions where you were a little too tense? Well, in essence that’s part of why facial massage helps you out. As you may recall (we’re thinking freshman biology flashbacks), your skin is the largest organ your body has, and as such needs a lot of care to replenish itself. Facial massage increase blood flow to your face, thereby increasing the amount of oxygenated, healing blood in your skin cells. As you get older, circulation all around decreases, so increasing blood flow helps to create a more youthful appearance.

Plus, your face has all kinds of muscles in it, which all get just as tense and stressed as the rest of your muscles, and can just as easily benefit from massage. When your facial muscles are relaxed, it allows lines from expressions to relax, so can cut down on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (and hey, can mellow out that resting bitch face).

We also learned that, gross as it may sound, lymphatic drainage is one of the most widely used facial massage techniques. You have three groups of lymph nodes scattered around your face, and whenever you’re looking a little bit puffy you can tend to blame those lymph nodes for holding onto too much liquid. Lymphatic drainage, therefore, can help to push those extra fluids out to make your face looker slimmer and younger.

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