To me, bitters have always been about martinis and attitude problems, but I’ve recently discovered there’s more to it than that. There are guts involved.

Here’s a breakdown on why Urban Moonshine Organic Bitters should be added to your body checklist.

bitters health benefits by urban moonshine

Although I’m certainly not one to follow health trends, I’ve found a liking to this one. OK, so what exactly are bitters? By definition, a bitter is literally referred to as something that’s bitter by flavor (dandelion, gentian, coffee, dark chocolate, greens, etc.) and the zest directly relates to our digestive system. Traditionally, bitters have been a meal staple throughout various cultures. For the English, its conventional to eat a bitter-lettuce salad before a meal. For the Chinese, a cuisine often includes elements of bitter (such as melon) for health and harmony, and to relieve the body of inner heat… The idea has been around since real human nomads — sans bandanas and peace signs — existed in the wild with berries, greens, roots and bark.

bitter dandelion organic diet

In our current every-thing-at-once era, we mostly eat salads with our meals or as our meals. We’re constantly downing large volumes of sweet, salty and processed foods, which leaves us (even if we’re health conscious) deprived of a proper bitterness balance. But in all actuality, you should pay attention to bitters in your regular regime. Bitters engage and awaken the digestive system. When you put bitters on your tongue — before or after a meal — you’re alerting your guts about the complex grub you’re about to consume. When your digestive organs get “turned on” and excited, they’ll start to secrete digestive juices.

The moment you put bitters on your tongue, the process begins. Warning: it does taste pretty gross, at first. Once you start doing it more regularly (most people prefer to use bitters before or after each meal) your body becomes more welcoming to the intensity. And no, just because it might give you scrunch face, mixing a “bitters smoothie” restricts the benefits. I’ve been using Urban Moonshine Organic Bitters in Citrus for a bit now, and it’s easily become a staple part of my diet. The Vermont-based company offers a variety of options such as a travel-sized spray, a dropper or an apothecary bottle, with flavor choices Original, Citrus or Maple. Here’s how they suggest you get your bitter on:

To stimulate healthy digestion, enjoy approximately ¼ teaspoon (1.2 mL) of our bitters before or after meals– or to curb a sugar craving– up to 8 times daily if needed! Start small in your dose: everyone’s body is different, and many people find that a very small dose can be quite sufficient. If the bitter taste is especially rare in your diet, your digestion will fire up with just a very small amount of the bitters.

urban moonshine organic bitters in citrus

If using the refillable, travel-sized spray bottle, we recommend spritzing directly onto the tongue 6 times before or after meals, or as needed to relieve bloating and indigestion.* 6 sprays is equal to ¼ teaspoon. There are about 12.5 servings in a ½ oz. (15mL) spray bottle.

If using the 2oz. dropper bottle, we recommend starting with ½ dropper full directly on the tongue. ½ of a dropper is equal to ¼ teaspoon. There are approximately 49 servings in a 2oz. (59.1mL) dropper bottle.

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