It’s hair week! Here’s some hair facts for your brainiacs from our fave hair gal, Shirley Hagel.

blonde hair with braids

Blonde hair is weaker, especially fake blondes­­­ — when you lighten hair you are also removing protein. ­­Blondes, take good care of your hair, girls!

Dudes­ — tons of testosterone is one of the causes of balding. Staticky hair? ­­You need moisture!

The only cure for a split end is to cut it off­­! That’s why stylists tell you trims are important­­­. Once a hair splits it will just continue to split up the hair shaft until you cut it off, ­­so get a trim regularly (6­-8 weeks), and just cut your “wishbones” and then you’ll have long healthy hair before you know it.

split end chart

Your hair grows in 3 phases and its not all in the same phase at the same time. That is one reason your cut loses its shape. And those times you think your hair is growing faster or slower? Could be true!

Your hair is most fragile when it’s wet­­ so be gentle when you are combing out those tangles. Get a wide tooth comb, a paddle brush or the now famous “wet brush”… and get a detangler if they are really bad!

wet hair

Not shampooing everyday is good for your hair and scalp. ­­­The oils your scalp produces are the absolute best hair product for your hair­so skip some days throughout the week.

On average hair grows 1/2 inch every month.

Alcohol in products is a big NO! Read the back of your bottles­­­. Alcohol is only acceptable in a finishing product (hairspray) and really avoiding it is better­­­. Alcohol in your hair before you put heat on it=fried hair. So if they product you put in while it’s wet to get it smooth when you blow it out has alcohol in it, TOSS IT! You are better off using nothing.

You lose an average of 100 hairs a day.­­ Don’t shampoo everyday? Then don’t freak when you do and it seems like there’s a lot hair­­­, it’s however many days worth.

The average head has 100,000 hairs on it.

Black is the most common hair color. Reds make up only 1%

red hair

What you eat matters; a­ sign of malnutrition is breaking and brittle hair­­­. Go on that crazy diet if you must, but make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals if you want healthy, shiny, vibrant hair.