Blo Blow Dry Bar will get you fresh-outta-the-salon strutting without cheating on your hairdresser. Here’s the Blo down on one of our favorite beauty stops.

I’ve never had the arm strength, patience or fine motor skills to successfully blow dry my own hair. I’ve also never been one for high-maintenance beauty regimes, therefore I was slow to buy into the growing blow dry bar trend. The Blo concept is simple (no cuts, no color: Just wash, blow, go), but is there a market for salons sans scissors? $40 to feel amazing without cheating on your trusted stylist? Heck. Yes.


The higher the hair, the closer to God.

Blo’s brand spanking new Chelsea location (they’re all over the place) looks and smells like a salon. When I stepped inside, I was greeted by a cheerful staff, a mimosa and a chic interior accented in Blo’s unapologetically girly signature hot pink. Despite a small scheduling miscommunication, I was immediately introduced to my adorable bloer (i.e. session stylist), Tessa, and whisked away to start the much needed de-frizzing process.

From seven styles on the Blo Hair Menu, an actual hot pink menu you review with your bloer, I selected the ever classic Red Carpet. One relaxing wash, blow dry and bubbly refill later, my locks were sleek, smooth and imaginary catwalk ready.


I did NOT wake up like dis. Or dis. Nope, not even close to dis…

Although my hair was significantly curlier within an hour of leaving the non-salon (I have the head of a poodle and I chose a day with near 100% humidity for my blo-ing session), I spent my Friday evening with my head held a little higher—and not only because it smelled like a sweet, more sophisticated version of cotton candy. Let’s just say I’d definitely let them blo me again.

Don’t even wait for that upcoming wedding, birthday, interview, hot date, or [insert special occasion here]. If you want to look and feel like a total babe, Blo Blow Dry Bar has your back (er, your head) without the cash and time commitment of a full-service salon. So go on, treat yo mama or a friend, indulge your inner I-g-g-y Azalea fancy-ass self and get blo-wn. Walk in or book yours ahead here, and you’ll be one step strut closer to those luscious locks that (let’s face it) you’ll never achieve on your own.


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