This is not a stupid Q+A. Holly answers all of our most important questions about makeup and skincare and adds dashes of the best products on the market. 


Do you know about skin care as well as makeup? We are always confused about what to do first… Cleanser, exfoliate, moisturize. Do you have a daily routine?

HOLLY ERNST:  Skin care is the most important part of all; your makeup application will be much easier if you take great care of your skin first and foremost. The best way to go about a daily routine would be to pop into your local Sephora store (any beauty store, Sephora will give you the most knowledgeable answer without forcing you to purchase anything).

My morning and night routine vary a tiny bit. For morning I use a gentle cleanser (Purity by Philosophy) with my Clarisonic Brush (which is a deep exfoliator). This brush is the best skin care product you can purchase… It maybe $215 but well worth it.

All I do after that is pop on my H20+ Marine infused Hydrator and I’m ready for my day.

At nighttime I use Neutrogena Makeup Wipe that is oil free. I take off my eye makeup olive oil, surprisingly. It will take it off in seconds. Then I use my Purity Cleanser again, and pop on Origins Ginseng Under Eye Cream… It’s amazing. The ginseng has so many benefits; it brightens, lifts and hydrates. I usually skip my moisturizer at night… That is just personal preference. Most people just like a lightweight moisturizer for nighttime.


Another one we never know the answer to IS the order in which to apply our makeup. Does foundation always go first? Should we moisturize before anything?

This will depend on whom you speak to… Something I always like to say is that makeup is fun, so just remember NOT too many rules.

The way I start any client’s application or personal application is moisturizer, primer and then eye cream.


1. Tweeze brows and shape (touch of powder or pencil to fill in)

2. Prime eyelids with eye primer (Sephora eye primer $12)

3. Eye time…Shadow, liner and mascara.

4. Skin time. Conceal, Foundation and translucent powder.

5. Blush and bronze.

6. Lips.

What do you think of girls applying makeup on the train, shouldn’t there be some limits there? Haha.

If they can master it, go for it. I do really think that most things that are liquid should not be opened on the train. Makeup can also get contaminated on the train if you drop it or something, which can cause a break out on your skin. I say wake up five minutes earlier and do your foundation, ladies.

Today’s women are busy and always on the go. What is the quickest way to go from work to going out? 

I am such a quick-change lady; you can go from day to night with something as easy as deepening your lip tone or if you want to be a little trendier look pop on a fun/bright color.

If you’re wanting to intensify your eyes in minutes, as long as you have a black pencil liner, I suggest crushing a touch of liner in your lash line and popping another coat of mascara on and your set.


What’s the best lip color on every skin tone? Not everyone can wear a Kim Kardashian nude lipstick right?

Ladies stay away from the Kardashian nude and go with anything PINK. Pink is truly the most flattering color on most women. The tone is naturally in our skin, so finding the right shade will just enhance your natural radiance. Neon, Mauve, Soft… Just find something that works for you. NARS’ Happy is the best for most tones.


Do you have any favorite department store products?

I am a huge target shopper. Maybelline’s new lines of lip colors called Vivids are incredible. The pigment is beautiful and bright with a moisturizing balm built in. Check it out ladies. ($8 I believe.)

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in the liquid form. They have warm, neutral and olive tones. There is a tone for everyone… They are full/buildable coverage, but feel like you are wearing nothing. Love.

Cover girl Clear Mascara is the best for taming your brows. Can’t go wrong there. ($6)


What’s the best summer makeup stash you have that makes you look like you have been lounging in the sun all day with barely any makeup on?

NARS Laguna All Over Liquid Illuminator (mixed with a touch of your foundation color).

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc on your cheeks.

Smashbox lip stain in Coral.

Cover girl Clump Crusher Mascara (2 coats).

How do we get a glow, like a shiny sheen for our skin for summer?

Lorac Tantalizer All Over Body Illuminator. They also have one that has self tanner in it.

Coral lipstick was in last summer, will it make a comeback this year?

Yes! Coral will definitely make a come back! Neon’s are totally in as well.

Any thoughts on BB cream?

I LOVE BB CREAM! Smashbox is amazing! It has great buildable coverage for everyday wear.

Primer. Stupid or necessary?

Absolutely necessary for an all day wear.

Most under-rated beauty product?

Lip liner.

Worst makeup mistake?

Black lip liner with clear gloss. Or an unmatched skin tone.

OMG. We can’t find a good eyebrow pencil that is natural. Any tips?

Anastasia Brow Wiz is the best thing for brows. It doesn’t have wax in it, so it makes it really natural and easy to use. You can purchase at Sephora for $22. The best tip I can give you is not to  be too heavy handed. Use light strokes.


Forget the Seen, Heard, Known question, we designed these last questions especially for you:

Favorite concealer: Tarte Majuca Oil Concealer.

Favorite foundation:  In love with Smashbox Studio Skin. Great for all skin types.

Favorite mascara: Cover girl Clump Crushes Mascara By Lash Blast.

Favorite eyeshadow:  Naked palette 2 by Urban Decay.

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