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Happy Birthday to Nintendo’s Game Boy. We’re psyched to celebrate the device that sparked 25 years of handheld gaming distraction.

game boy 25 years old

With millions sold, the birth of Tetris and an evolution in handheld games, Nintendo’s Game Boy is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. *awww. Memories. Remember that tiny screen? And there were those subtle tones of grey, lit up against a pale green background. What was there, like, four buttons? Today as we play our current on-the-go games (I’m talking to you Candy Crushers), we can give thanks to the brainiacs of Nintendo for making the trend popular 25 years ago today. “The Game Boy launched in Japan on 21 April, 1989, at the price of 12,500 yen and immediately sold out of its initial run of 300,000 units (it didn’t arrive in the UK until September, 1990). The must-have game at the time was Super Mario Land, a typically quirky and enjoyable platformer which replicated many features of the classic Super Mario Bros series. It would go on to sell over 18 million copies,” according to The Guardian. You have to admit, the Game Boy was the hottest thing since baked beans, and it’s still alive in that “we miss the 90s” kind of way. And so you can always remember the importance of this addictive device, here’s some style stuff inspired by the cultish gaming station.

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