So I need a good facial sunscreen with SPF Now how the **** do I find one?

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Unless you’ve been lucky enough to spend the past six months in Miami, you’re likely just as pale and just as sick of everything outside our four walls as we are. But rejoice, because spring is officially upon us, and the weather is finally starting to reflect that. But before you change out your huge scarves and parkas for sandals and sundresses, there are a few things you need to know about SPF.

We hope that you know by now that SPF is critical in your healthy and beauty routine, but as an ungodly pale Florida native, you can trust I’ve tried out an awfully large number of sunscreens. And while finding a good body sunscreen has been fairly simple, I’ve struggled over the years to find a facial sunscreen. One of my biggest issues with that, I’ll admit, is that I’m diehard about having dual-purpose products. Why would I have both a sunscreen and a moisturizer, when in theory, I could have both in one? But then, there’s the issue of parabens… Are they really that big of a deal? And what’s with this whole chemical vs. natural sunscreen debate? Well, for any and all of you who have also been searching for the answers to these questions and for the perfect SPF products to protect your lovely faces, please read on!

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