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On the 12-days of Simpsons my true love gave to me… A Marge and a Bart that’s funny-eee. Ok that was terrible. But still, FXX picked up the fam and this August, they’re celebrating with The Simpsons Marathon — a 12 day ode to the classic program. Plus, we’re in for some awesome surprises next season, like, an episode written by Judd Apatow two decades ago (#beforefame).

the simpsons marathon beatles paraody

OK. So The Simpsons are never going away. How do they do it? How in the F*$K is this show still interesting — and profitable — after 25 years… This August, FXX will launch the first run of holy grail cartoon series The Simpsons with a 12-day marathon — that’s 522-episodes of Bart (and here we thought A Christmas Story had quite the run). According to NYMag, FXX spent $750 million for the rights and now they’re ready to show off their new toy. As the longest continuous marathon in the history of television, the occasion will also include the launch of an app — yet to be named. After the marathon, Sunday’s will include four hours of reruns until Fox debuts new episodes during prime time this fall.

In these upcoming seasons, except some awesome twists and turns, like an episode written by Judd Apatow — two decades ago that was never picked up, via RollingStone, “Now his Simpsons script – about a hypnotist convincing Homer that he is a 10-year-old – is under production.”

Click through for a slideshow featuring some of our favorite Simpsons’ parodies…

[Above is The Beatles (obvs) and our featured image is an illustration featured in Harper’s BAZAAR.]

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