Last night, news broke about Michael Alig and his upcoming release from prison. Let the conversations begin…


I remember reading Disco Blood Bath when I was in high school. The Club Kids. The New York City nightlife scene. Drugs, glorious speech, wanderlust fashion… It was fascinating. I watched Party Monster, the intrigue continued. I moved to NYC after the ’90s were long gone, meaning such a scene was now labeled nostalgic, not the norm. But it’s especially these days, as people question the future of the city’s underground cultural scenes, that the story of The Club Kids remains a sparkly bubble of fascination for many. Its existence is obscure to basically everyone; accessible only via documentary recaps and a few select people — Michael Alig, is one of those people.


Michael Alig. Pioneer of the pout pose?

Alig, arrested two decades ago for the murder of Angel Melendez, has made parole and will be returning to society on Cinco de Mayo. There’s certainly been a love/hate/interest buzz going on in regards to the news since it broke last night, which is obviously expected based on the circumstances. According to his friend Steve Lewis via BlackBook, “Alig will be staying with close friends and has already been recruited for creative jobs by many.” Not surprising. Although Alig is notorious for his crime, he continues to be followed for the scene he led, his style and his persona, all of which has sparked and inspired (and will continue to inspire) many, particularly in terms of fashion. I’m wondering, maybe hoping, if this massive news wave of Alig’s departure from prison will spark a conversation around the life of NYC’s downtown scene? Not that The Club Kids did things right (clearly, quite the opposite), but at least they did something.

Alig has been behind bars for 17 years, a.k.a. he’s most likely never used a computer or a cell phone. Also according to Lewis, there is no chance Alig will be returning to the nightlife scene. A source relayed this message via Alig’s twitter: “19 days of punishment left, then it’s upward & onward on the road to redemption. #fastforward.” At least he’s up to speed on hashtags.


We’re curious about the conversations that will come up once Alig returns… Then again, who wouldn’t be.

[featured image via Page 6 / other images sourced via Fashion Backward]

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