What do Blue Ivy, Prince George and Chelsea Clinton have in common? It doesn’t matter because a joint Jay-Z and Beyonce tour is officially a thing.

Jay-Z and Beyonce tour


You already knew that Jay-Z and Beyoncé would be spending the summer together on a joint tour — maybe you even heard it here first. Now that the official announcement of On The Run has had its moment to simmer, your brain is free to stew on more pressing matters, like possible set lists, where and how to purchase tickets, if and when Blue Ivy and Prince George will be photographed together, and whether or not all 16+ Blue Ivy On The Run nanny positions have been filled.

If you’re in Beyoncé’s Fan Club, are a Chase cardmember and/or in possession of large amounts of on-hand expendable dough, there’s a chance you’ve already purchased your tickets. Of course there’s also a chance you’re over the whole #Yoncé thing in which case you probably a) are a dude, b) also dislike cupcakes and sunshine and c) are just coasting through your day like it ain’t no thang—just riding it out like you’re on your surfboard, surfboard. If you DIDN’T get the reference, I owe you a cookie. But we all know you most certainly did.

(But wait! There’s more…)

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