It’s time to party with both parties of Hip Hop royalty… The Jay-Z and Beyonce tour is happening.

jay-z and beyonce tour

We’re not usually ones to comment on celebrity couples, but when it comes to these two we just can’t help it. Plus, they’re pretty good at keeping their personal lives under wraps, so we have room to actually get excited about news like this. The mega duo, and their baby crayon, are making business into a family affair. We haven’t been this excited about a family tour since, like, The Osmonds… Or, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman (and she didn’t even get to take up half the show).

According to Page 6, Hip Hop’s king and queen “plan to announce a 20-stadium U.S. tour that will start in late June… And that it’s possible the couple could perform in New York on July 4th.” Talk. About. Fireworks.

They’ve been performing “Drunk in Love” together live for quite a bit now, plus Beyoncé recently jumped on stage with her lil sis Solange Knowles during Coachella, while Jay jammed on stage with his fellow NYC rappers Nas and Diddy. Can you imagine how many other guest spots might come up on a world stadium tour with these two? These rumors better be true.

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[images via celebritynetworth & pop dust]