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In real life, this happened: a 2 million dollar Tibetan mastiff was sold in China. Come on. That’s a lot to pay, even for cuteness (and especially pee and poo). What other ridiculous things are people spending their millions on?


Earlier this week, a Tibetan mastiff puppy (not made of royal, vintage gold) was reportedly sold in China for about $2 million dollars. That’s right guys, a 2 million dollar puppy mastiff, by way of Beijing. Apparently, according to the dogs breeder, “They have lion’s blood and are top-of-the-range mastiff studs.” Rumor has it, this might be the most expensive dog sale ever… Well, I’d sure like the think there isn’t a more expensive dog out there — unless we’re talking in terms of net-worth and spelling it d-a-w-g. It’s absurd, no? I would totally buy someone could buy an entire castle or relatively comfortable NYC apartment for the same price. Maybe the dog shits gold glitter? Maybe it pees Cristal? Sorry, but with everything going in the world — like planes crashing, Courtney Love becoming a detective and My Little Pony Backpack discrimination — we had to find examples where people splurged their millions more effectively. (Enter: triple layers of sarcasm.) Click through to see our picks for WTF purchases.

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