Seeing Folding Legs live is an adventure for the ears and the imagination.

music folding legs plays rough trade balloon

Sounding like Nico co-opted the Strokes, Folding Legs layers infectious and full rhythms with lead singer Katharina Stenbeck’s enchanting harmonies. This past Friday, I had the pleasure of witnessing Folding Legs perform in Williamsburg at Rough Trade, and perform they did. Exploding balloons full of colored powder and prancing around in feathered hat/masks, the band played in front of a psychedelic projection of a spliced, mirrored eye blinking and moving.

While the recordings of Folding Legs available online are terrific, seeing them live was certainly a whole new experience. I began to pity the drummers (yes, plural!) for being confined by their instruments and not being able to explode around the stage like the rest of the musicians. Folding Legs’ brief ventures into reggae inspired guitar and funky undertones sounded a little like a rock ‘n roll timeline collapsed in on itself. Combining multiple epochs of music history into a single jam gave their music a distinctly modern feel while still placing it in the trajectory of rock’s evolution.

folding legs plays rough trade verticle

But back to Katharina Stenback for a minute. Folding Legs’ songstress is a captivating centerpiece to the band. Her purposeful and distinct movements further articulates how Folding Legs is about far more than great music, but about creating a new way to engage with and experience sound. Folding Legs played a full, tight set, and thankfully announced another show in two weeks at Glasslands with The Canon Logic and Vita the Woolf.

With plenty of shows this summer, I highly recommend checking out Folding Legs at least several times before the season is up. Be prepared to dance to their uncanny melodies and bask in their theatrical performances.

music folding legs plays rough trade balloon explore

music folding legs plays rough trade guitar

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