S. Carey performs Range of Light at LPR with White Hinterland as the opener.

white hinterland baby performing live

After a dinner at Aria (get the eggplant with goat cheese) and a couple of Sauvignon Blancs (love how I sound when I say that), we headed to Le Poisson Rouge on Bleecker to see White Hinterland/S. Carey. A couple things that made it great from the start is: 1. The dude that came through the line, checking us in for will call and giving wristbands out, was a really, really nice guy… I forgot I was going to a concert for a second. 2. The venue was mostly seating and we had a table ticket, which for a show that’s full of emotion and no head-banging, makes for a perfect combo accompanied with some vino.

Casey of White Hinterland was a sparkly shirt technicolor dream. She seems to be professionally trained, and was pressing and weaving a hundred different samples during her one-person show. When she casually spoke to the crowd, it was enough to make you want to have a crush on her, when she sang… your mind is sort of being blown to pieces trying to figure out where she’s going next, but her voice is soothing and just fucking good.

In between “Ring My Bell” and  “David” (my fave — a rounded moment when it was just her voice and the piano) she did a little bit of storytelling. Her recent dream was that of Prince being her Godfather. She sweetly says, “Prince like, asked me if I wanted to ride a magic carpet with him, and I was just like, fuck yeah.” As they rode over a parkway on a magic carpet, it’s easy to tell Casey hasn’t gotten much sleep on tour, but she’s as endearing as ever, when she asks New York to shed it’s judgement and sing a fuckin’ song with her. And well, we obliged.


White Hinterland “Ring My Bell”

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