Hometowns, first names, and a disregard for categorization united Phantogram and Lip Talk at their sold out Terminal 5 show.

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This past Monday, Phantogram and Lip Talk united for a sold out show at New York’s Terminal 5 where Phantogram headlined to 3,000 awe-inspired fans. In-between songs, voices would rise from the crowd professing love for Barthel, and at times her own voice would be drowned out by the chorus of fans singing her lyrics. Needless to say, the reception of both performances was overwhelming as the bands matched the audience’s energy and then some.

music lip talk terminal 5

Lip Talk opened the night to a captive and unsuspecting crowd. The new band plans on releasing their debut 7-inch late this summer with a full-length album to follow. So it is safe to say that most of the audience was hearing Lip Talk’s songs for the first time. However, you couldn’t tell by the thousands of heads rocking back and forth and the rancorous applause concluding each song. As I stood by the merch table at the end of the show, the reams of enthusiastic questions and cheers regarding Lip Talk’s set ensured Brooklyn’s beloved buzz band has a strong new following. Commanding an impressive presence on a stage like Terminal 5, Lip Talk is certainly poised on the brink of major success.

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Combining rock n’ roll riffs with trippy samples, rich relentless beats, and a splatter of RnB makes it difficult to pigeonhole Lip Talk into a single genre. Lead songstress, Sarah Kyle’s range and vocal flexibility is nothing short of impressive. For the chorus on their closing song, “Spider,” Kyle borrowed Kristin Slipp of Cuddle Magic for a hip-hop inspired duet between the two ladies. The interplay of so many different musical elements makes Lip Talk exciting to watch, as there is no way to predict where the song will turn to next.

Defying definition was the theme of the night as Phantogram blurred the lines between several different categories, fusing an eclectic range of genres with their synth-pop core. Even though she excused herself for being sick, Sarah Barthel put on a performance that would shame even the most able-bodied human. During the dreamy ballad, “Bill Murray,” Barthel donned a gold sequined robe and spun around on a pedestal to become a human disco ball.

Music phantogram terminal 5 disco ball

Seeing Phantogram is as much of a treat as it is to listen to them. The lights used by the band shoot beams that look more like hard, physical objects than mere rays over the audience. Rising and falling with Barthel’s haunting vocals, Phantogram’s visuals dramatized their already moody and provocative sounds.

Music phantogram terminal 5

Seeing these friends play back to back sets was too much fun. Both performances were overflowing with excitement as the bands’ leading ladies riled the crowd with their powerful vocal cords and impressive dance moves.

In case you missed these acts, both bands will be playing several shows in the coming months. Phantogram is currently on tour but will be stopping again in NYC on September 13th for JBL Live at Pier 97. Lip Talk is playing August 27th at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, but you can probably expect more local shows to be announced on their Facebook page.

Set list for Lip Talk:

Candy Hearts
Tongue Tied
After All
The Machine


Set list for Phantogram:

Intro Faces Cry
Nothing But Trouble
Running From the Cops
As Far as I Can See
Black Out Days
Turning Into Stone
Bad Dreams
Don’t Move
The Day You Died
Bill Murray
I Don’t Blame You
Fall in Love
Howling at the Moon
When I’m Small
Mouthful of Diamonds
Celebrating Nothing

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[Images by Miaken ChristensenAmanda Picotte, Robert Altman, and Mixtape Collective]