A holiday for wine you say? We are not joking. Tomorrow Celebrate Verdejo Day and enjoy Spanish wines at events all around the country.

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In New York, Miami, Chicago, and LA, Rueda Wines is hosting the first ever holiday to celebrate the famous wines known as Verdejo, from the Rueda region of Spain. A range of different wines will be served for sampling in addition to food from the region. As someone who knows very little about wine, this event is perfect to learn about what goes into a refreshing summer drink and how to celebrate a culture through its culinary history. And celebrate you will as this wine is perfect with just about any food, from salads to fish to spicy dishes.

Tomorrow, NYC’s event will take place at Tavern29 from 6:30 – 9pm, and you can find out how to register here. If you live in any of the other cities, please check out the full listing of Verdejo Day celebrations on their site.

Hope to see you there!