Timothy Greenfield-Sanders explores the minds of some of the most famous supermodels ever to grace our eyes.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders new documentary film, About Face: The Supermodels Then and Now gives us a revealing in-depth look into some of the most famous models to ever grace our eyes. These faces have had a pronounced impact on the way the world views beauty today, and the way the world judges exteriors instead of interiors. However, what do the actual models think of beauty? How do they feel about losing beauty with age? These questions are answered by some of our favorite cover ladies — Paulina Porizkova, Jerry Hall, Isabella Rossellini…  The trailer sets the tone when the world’s oldest working supermodel is asked, “What is it about plastic surgery and facelifts?” At 80-years-old (and let us say she looks beyond awesome) Carmen Dell’Orefice doesn’t take any time to ponder and swiftly answers, “Well, if you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have a repair?” This film is bound to be nothing but honest, and is comparable to looking through a key hole at a part of the beauty industry mainstream audiences rarely get to see. — Emily Marucci