Fried chicken, waffles and hip-hop at newly expanding restaurant Sweet Chick.

Sweet Chick Fried chicken

When Sweet Chick opened over a year ago on Williamsburg’s busy Bedford Street it became known for their home-style cooking and rustic, vintage-country kitchen décor. The restaurant has grown rapidly by serving up southern comfort foods like creamy grits, crawfish hush puppies and mac ‘n’ cheese with Ritz cracker crust and of course, their claim to fame: sweet tea-brined fried chicken & waffles. Now, the Brooklyn-based restaurant is expanding in the direction of Manhattan and has just set up shop in the Lower East Side, in the former legendary Max Fish bar. All the classics are still on the menu, as well as, some new additions such Chicken Parm, with sun-dried tomato and basil waffle. I recommend trying out their array of creative cocktails, my favorite is the fresh watermelon juice cocktail, light and refreshing – perfect for a summer night.

Watermelon cocktail Sweet Chick

Of course, any regular to Sweet Chick knows that their continually spinning playlist of hip-hop classics keeps the mood of the place. On the bars of both the Brooklyn and LES locations can be found lyrics from The Notorious B.I.G.’s song “It Was All A Dream.” We spoke to general manager Kyle Martin, over at the new Lower East Side location and were able to get his restaurant playlist which, he says is inspired by his “love for hip-hop and understanding of the history of were hip hop music has come from.” Martin ends the playlist with Biggies “Juicy” saying it is the “official anthem of Sweet Chick.”

x Check out their playlist and learn more about their new LES location here

[images sourced via SweetChickNYC & marcussamuelsson]