Cities offering horrible rooms for rent.

Renter pink apartment

Being a renter is tough these days, with rentals skyrocketing around the country to levels not seen in decades. While the housing bubble continues to resolve, cities across the U.S. have seen rents continue to climb. Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan declared last year that this is ‘the worst rental affordability crisis that this country has ever known.”

We all want to live near the action, in the bustling and hustling cities, without blowing our entire salary on rent. In honor of the renter, we thought we would countdown the worst cities in the U.S. to be renter, as reported by CBS, taking into account median income, rent and housing availability. In combination with the hilarious Tumblr “Worst Room,” we’ve compiled a list of the worst cities and their equally ridiculous (yet wildly entertaining) online rental ads. It can be rough out there. Check out some of these rooms and you’ll be grateful for your living situation.

(Image sourced via excdus)