Cover letters: Letting the boss know your rebellious tendencies ahead of time.

The cover letter is often times considered more important than the resume, offering applicants the opportunity to reveal a life narrative and unique set of skills to potential employers. Cover letters should stand out and draw attention, and our list of job applicants did just that, often letting their potential boss know upfront how they feel about “Sticking it to the Man.” While a cover letter should share your exceptional attributes, it may not be the best time to unveil your rebellious tendencies. (This seems like a “duh” moment, but you’d be surprised.)

We scoured the Internet to come up with a list of cover letters from the most unruly of applicants, looking to offer their leg up from the competition through means of arrogance, slacker-pride or pure intimidation.

In no particular order, may we present the most punk cover letters:

The Egomaniac

Cover Letter The Egomaniac

            “Calling numbers and shit? Doublecheck.”

[images sourced via lotoflaughters]

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