We are an interesting specimen. 

Millennial blur

Generation Y or Millennials, consists of anyone born after 1980. Generally speaking, the majority of us are in debt, unemployed and graduated into one of the worst job markets in decades. All the while, we are the most diverse and educated generation in American history. Of course, the positives don’t matter here, what really matters is how much we are wrecking everything!

Millennials have been accused of many things over the past few years, being called narcissistic, entitled crybabies is the main one. The older generations, mainly Baby Boomers, are sick of our crap and are ready to take us down! Well, too late guys, you’ve already set us up for failure with little things like the financial crash, the destruction of the middle class and the overall breakdown and general distrust of civil institutions. Maybe you could stop for a moment and stop rubbing it in our face how screwed we are and how we are to blame.

Millennial smoking festival washout

The elder preoccupation with blaming the downfall of society on the youngest generation is nothing new. After all, in the Middle Ages, masters complained about their apprentices’ work habits. However, the generational finger-pointing gained new steam starting in 2010 and climaxed in June 2013 with Joel Stein’s TIME cover story  “Me Me Me Generation”  in which he said,  “Not only do millennials lack the kind of empathy that allows them to feel concerned for others, but they even have trouble even intellectually understanding others’ points of view.”

While 2013 saw the highest number of millennial-bashing opinion pieces, there continues to be a steady supply of ill-founded and condescending articles regarding millennials and their habits. Overall, things have become a bit obsessive (New York Times alone publishing nearly twenty-five articles about millennials in the past three years) with the range of topics discussed about millennials becoming evermore bizarre. Let’s reminisce on the progression of the millennial article, celebrating all the names we have been called:

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