The inaugural Catalpa NYC music festival has what it takes (and more) to compete with our favorite festivals of the summer.

If you missed Governors Ball, Coachella and Bonaroo, that’s OK, you’ve still got Catalpa NYC (a two-day event that offers way more than just music). It’s happening July 28th and 29th. To get there, you just sail off on a cute little ferry with the Manhattan skyline slightly off in the distance. You’ll ride off into a real musical haven with some crazy extra digs that you’re surely far fetched to find at other festivals. We are down with “dropping it like it’s hot” avec Snoop D-O-Double-G, but if you aren’t into hip hop, Catalpa serves up some Indie, Rock, Reggae and Electronic styles. Plus, there’s that crazy element of listening to your favorite artists as you sit in a hot tub and sip on your favorite cocktails (you’ll have to shed out a bit more cash from your pockets for this experience). They’ll have a corny inflatable marriage chapel that’ll be the perfect comical escape from the music scene, a sculpture with 30-foot flames and artwork from Yoko Ono. The line up looks a bit like this: Snoop, The Black Keys, City and Colour, Girl Talk and a mix of over 40 eclectic artists. Sold! We’ll see you there. — Emily Marucci