Do you know what it’s like to enter a room and come out a different person? Do you know what it’s like to have your life changed? I had that opportunity. I tried meditation at Center Of The Cyclone for the first time… and it changed my life.

biet simkin center of the cyclone


Our meditation teacher for this session was the spiritually fabulous Biet Simkin. Biet is so fucking cool. She has this amazing power to help you look deep into your soul. By nature, I am generally anxiety riddled. I can’t stop thinking of things that bother me and it’s hard for me to get my heart rate normal or focus. Sometimes I’m convinced I’m going crazy. I’m also a constant worrier. In that one-hour session I honestly never felt so calm in my life. Biet seems to have the power to perform magical healing.

She has been a meditation teacher her whole life and she launched Center Of The Cyclone two years ago. Biet does group sessions, private sessions and even does wedding meditation! Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more amazing, you find out that she even has her own spiritual music. She says she’s very western with her teachings and doesn’t require you to do anything, like, wear a bindi or sit in lotus position unless you want to. She simply wants to help people.

Look out for Biet’s kickstarter coming soon to help launch her music!

“I help people to realize they can meditate everywhere and also live life make money put on make up have sex etc. You don’t have to move to a mountain.”

As a beginner, I was naturally nervous. There was no need. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It’s a real community feel. I even met two crazy cat ladies like myself. That helped calm my nerves. I sat down in the chair as Biet and acupuncturist Erin Telford – who by the way, did acupuncture on my head and it was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Lit candles danced around the room and soothing music on played in the backround. The scene was set. We were ready to start.

meditation group

She started the mediation with three om’s and then had us open our chakras (centers within our energy field where life force flows into and out of our being). As we focused on the light within us, we spontaneously released what stands in the way of our experience of light, love and well being. Breathing is very important in mediation. I surprisingly found it easy to focus on it. Whenever I have thought about mediation, my biggest fear was not being able to focus on my breathing. Once your in that setting its hard not to. We would breath then hold our breath and release the negative feelings inside us.

I instantly felt uplifted. It cleared out and enlivened my vital energy centers. Biet explained how chakras are a direct way to heal ourselves on the physical, emotional and mental levels. It facilitates awakening.

After we completed the seven chakras, we moved on to the visuals. We started in space, before we were born, moved to our parents creating us, being born and we even died together. This part of the meditation sparked so much emotion for me. It was extremely moving. I even cried a little bit, but it was out of happiness. I envisioned myself as an old lady on my deathbed. As I died I surprisingly felt happy and at peace. I didn’t feel scared like I normally envision when it comes death. This is where my life changed. As I died I started to swim up into the sky, into the clouds and back into space.

center of the cyclones group

We were told to put ourselves in certain situations and to focus on these visuals. We did past and future thoughts. When focusing on future wants, I actually felt that I was really there.  I felt, for once, that I would actually get what I wanted out of life. This is truly something that you can’t understand unless you try it for yourself.

The coolest thing Biet explained, was how we are two beings. We could be sad, but our other being doesn’t know it nor has it ever known it. We watched ourselves do things during the visuals. We observed our physical being overhead, from space. She advised us to view other people as having two beings as well.

Erin came around while we were visualizing and performed the acupuncture on our heads to release negative emotions. She also held her hands around our heads. It was so soothing. The thought of acupuncture can be scary, but it was really a cool experience that I will definitely try again.

Erin, like Biet, had the ability to balance me and relieve pain that I felt. She has the power to bring the body back into balance by improving your body’s normal organ functions, nourishing what has been depleted and clearing out any blockages or pathogens that are causing pain or preventing healing. Like Biet, she’s fucking cool.

mediation group center of the cyclones

At the end we were given a partner and practiced gazing. Immediately I thought, “this is going to be awkward.” Well, it wasn’t. Like this whole experience, I had never focused so hard in my life. Her eye became vibrant as the world around was fuzzy. I felt like I was somewhere else. My partner and I hugged and we were done. I had completed my first mediation class and all I could do was smile. I smiled for hours. As I walked to my car I felt like people looked at me differently. In a good way though. Like they noticed me and noticed my happiness. I stopped to pick up an apple and the girl behind the counter and I had a full-blown conversation. That never happens.

I think everyone needs to try mediation and acupuncture at least once in their life. It added greatly need nourishment and relieved suffering that I have felt in my heart and body for years. I even felt like I added closure to a friendship that ended for me months ago. I finally felt balance – I felt right and at peace.

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