10 people. 1 sentence. 10 stories to tell.

“We went to Washington Square Park together, and left apart.”

“He told me he loved me and we would be friends forever. The next day he was gone.”

unmade bed

“We ignored the prospect of our diverging futures and truly lived in the moment, knowing our relationship would never be the same.”

“I cried like a baby and thought my heart was truly broken.”

car window

We had an awesome party, got very drunk, and ate pizza at 3AM.”

I slept in your four walls with only a skeleton of a bed frame, I listened to the sound of the cars going up and down the street and the drunks that would walk down the hill late at night, I peaked outside the window I had looked out a thousand times and saw the red tree in the left hand corner of my vision… I traveled down your steps and took a breath in and out so that you could stay with me.”

rainy window

We watched a movie on your couch that was too small to fit us both. Happy and blissful, neither of us would have ever guessed it was the end.”

“We drank at home and laughed about our time together until we were too drunk and it was too late to go out”

“I held you in my arms while you slept, and slowly, peacefully, you drifted off to cat heaven, where you now play with your feline sisters.”

“We knew it was going to be our last, even though we kept trying to convince one another we’d see each other soon.”

holding hands

[images sourced via tumblr]