Crying in public happens to the best of us – here’s how to cope while coping.

It’s pretty hard to plan out a place for a good cry, but solitude is a key factor in achieving optimum emotional release. Often, the tears will flow with little to no warning, and running to safety can be a difficult feat. Therefore, making do with where you are and what you’re doing is really the best outcome. During my years as a stressed out twenty-something in New York, I’ve picked up a few skills to make the best of a crying session out on the city streets. I’ve compiled a catalogue of my best and worst cries and graded them based off of certain criteria to help you make the best of your situation.

Lifestyle Best Places to cry subway

I live off the G train, so I’m pretty sure every time I’ve cried on the platform people figured it was because the train is the worst and I needed to get somewhere at some point in the near future (not to be taken for granted when living off the G). When caught in places of no escape like a subway station or on any form of public transportation, hiding tears is either flat-out impossible or a form of art. In my case, it’s been both, but more so the former.

Silent crying is usually a go-to tactic, and if you stand as close as you can to the yellow line, no one will see your face and you’re absolutely safe! However, if someone does catch on, they might think the worst and swoop in to save your life, so just cross your fingers that that doesn’t happen.

Also, if you’re already on the train or bus or whatever, good luck. I usually just hope that people are busy studying the range of footwear in front of them and contemplating how Dr. Zizmor stays in business to notice that my face is leaking snot and saline. But holding a book, or newspaper, or I guess maybe your bag in front of your face is a good backup plan.

Subway Sob Grade: B-

Have you ever actually looked at the faces of people on the subway? They’re MISERABLE. So crying really wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But if you want privacy, you should’ve stayed home.

x Subway etiquette further explained here x 

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