All hail traditions. Here’s our favorite things to do in spring.

painting of girl with flowers

It’s time for winter to fall asleep, and free us of its misery. This winter has been legendary, bruising our crops, hindering business profits from across the country, and even in some cases, murdering our loyal people. So take a nap you degenerate winter. Enjoy your rest. We will not miss you, but welcome springs awakening.

Spring is an amazing time of the year. It’s when Seasonal Effective Disorder is cured, and joy is spread from sea to shining sea. It’s time to clean out the boat, and pack away the old wardrobe and renew the spring clothes. Spring brings us many traditions here in the States; From Opening Day in baseball, to Easter Sunday. It’s just as much a fiber of our society as the colors in the American Flag.

It’s quite therapeutic to see a newly formed couple, stretched out on a blanket in some friendly park, enjoying a glass of white wine with an assortment of munchies or, passing a knock-off European cafe, west of Los Angeles, to find a group of young vibrant women sipping on an ice cold coffee. But I think my favorite of all, is the smell of freshly cut grass, screaming fans, and the beautiful sound of the crack of a wooden bat on a warm Saturday evening near the moving river.

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