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To open up a book on a sunny day and lose yourself in a dream-like state is one of the quintessential pleasures in life. As the approaching warm weather (fingers crossed) offers many hours ahead to lounge and bask in glowing rays, it is time to start considering a summer reading list. With so many reading options and amazing authors out there, it can be difficult to find the write book for you—one that will hold your digitally-shortened attention span and carry you through the denouement.

However, a group of great literary figures have risen over the past decade, coming to be unanimously enjoyed by all. This group of authors write about our modern culture, time and personal interactions in a unique and profound way. Just in time for summer reading, we put together a list of our favorite American authors you need to know—and read—this summer. Our list is sure to offer up a read for anyone interested in finding a knockout work of fiction best enjoyed when horizontal under some long-overdue sunshine.

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Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan A visit from the goon squad

Writing about the struggles of youth, music and creative culture, Jennifer Egan might be one of the coolest authors you’ll read. Her 2010 book, A Visit from the Goon Squad was one of the most memorable books of the past decade. It tells the story of a group of musician and artist friends growing into adulthood, detailing the self-destructive pitfalls of both youth and adulthood. It won both the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2010, and continues to be marked as one of the best novels of last ten years.

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