In a male dominated field, women artists have had a lot to contend with in order to gain notoriety. Here are some female artists you should be obsessed with.

For centuries, women have been making critical contributions to the art world, shattering stereotypes and defying society’s oppressively low expectations. Working in photography, painting, performance art, sculpture, and many other mediums, female artists have worked to create a rich culture from which women can begin to create an alternative cultural identity. Whether they’ve been in museums for decades or are new kids on the block, these female artists are necessary to know and appreciate.

Marilyn Minter

stuff marilyn minter stepping up

Stepping Up, 2005, enamel on metal


Orange Crush, 2009, enamel on metal

While still in college, Marilyn Minter first gained recognition with her intimate photographs of her drug-addicted mother. Since then, the photographer and painter has explored the underbelly of glamor and the sexualization of the female body.

As the Whitney Museum put it in their release for their 2006 biennial, “Plumped, rouge-stained lips drip with slimy egg yolk; the glittered eye of a model is accompanied by a peach-fuzzed face; the wearer of studded Christian Dior pumps has apparently been doused in mud, and dirt infiltrates every crease of her perfectly manicured feet. The ambivalence in Minter’s works does not leave us any less seduced by them: we simply have a harder time cleaning up and simplifying the true nature of our much more complicated desires.”