We dug deep into the roots of one of Paris’ most admired homeware companies, Astier de Villatte.

Looking at Astier de Villatte’s line of housewares is like walking down a secret cobblestone path in the streets of Paris, lined with hydrangeas and chic-styled women in stilettos, as you sip your espresso, you stumble into a store that is an interior design dream. We may have grown up carving pumpkins in the yard and making forts with our fathers, but Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli were brought up on something much more unique and darling. Their childhood is deeply rooted in Paris and a family tradition built on making pottery with their father and siblings. In 1991 they founded Astier de Villatte, a line of housewares that is famous for their unique, widely recognizable (and handmade!) black terra cotta clay tablewares that are glazed in a signature milky finish. They are celebrated for their 18th and 19th century inspired ceramics that are designed with the love of a select (and small) creative team that includes French artist Nathalie Lété. Each clay piece is special and has hints of nostalgia because of the hands they were made by and the story they come from — beautifully imperfect and no piece the same. At Astier de Villatte, you share in a family legacy while turning your home into a Parisian vision. Charming candles, furniture, beauty products and ceramics… C’est magnifique! — Emily Marucci