Parisian designer Yaz Bukey explores history and the imagination with her new line.

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Even though she’s never lived in Turkey, designer Yaz Bukey is a descendent of Ottoman royalty. Her new fall 2014 collection plays off of her royal heritage and fantasizes about the land where her ancestors once reigned. The collection is called “Turkish Delights,” and turns Ottoman iconography into wearable pop art.

Known for her two-dimensional plexiglass and patent leather accessories, Yaz Bukey has turned backgammon boards, flying carpets, and cigarette packs into eclectic clutches and jewelry. “We’re in a bazaar; we’ve tumbled down a hidden passageway and emerged in a back room that’s part Saint Laurent in the Opium days, or maybe it’s the twenties, but in any case, it’s very decadent,” she has said of the fall line.

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The fantastic and somewhat mythical appeal of Turkish Delights is not unique to this season. Yaz Bukey’s kitschy trinkets have always been playful when it comes to color, shape and cultural reference. Bodices in 2D, fetish finger necklaces and Agatha Christie inspired décor only begins to describe Bukey’s extensive designs. It’s fitting that the designer got her first big break when the surrealist songstress Björk bought Bukey’s entire first collection.

Self-described as a “Vintage Technicolor version of a Newtonian Pin-up Princess,” Yaz Bukey cultivated her cheeky aesthetic while studying at the famous Studio Berçot. She continued to develop as an artist by working with Givenchy (circa Alexander McQueen), Maison Martin Margiela and Jeremy Scott. Eventually going on to create her own self-titled brand, Yazbukey, the young designer has collaborated with Diane von Furstenberg and candle-maker Cire Trudon, expanding her work from accessories to housewears and cosmetics.

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Like most pop artists, Yaz Bukey appropriates her subjects from a wide variety of cultural and historical references. Finding inspiration from films like Cry Baby to historical traditions in Istanbul, Hong Kong and the Sahara, Bukey has perfected her knack for abstracting cultural references into a new language of iconography. Similar to how Andy Warhol glorified the mundane, Yaz Bukey recreates everyday items into high fashion pieces. Whether a birthday banner reinvented as a necklace or a pair of dice turned into a handbag, Yaz Bukey has a knack for abstracting commonalities and making them into fabulous accessories.

Pop art and fashion have had a long and intimate history and Yaz Bukey is an important part of this relationship. Rather than treating her designs as merely simple adornments, she creates objects that act more as décor for the body than anything else. Her flat and vibrant style means that YazBukey accessories are more or less images of images that hang, sit and decorate the body, similarly to how one would decorate their walls. When looking at portraits of Bukey in her Parisian apartment, she has an ability to blend into the space around her as her designs look just as good hanging from her ears, across her neck, and around her room.

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When it comes to the definition of style, Yaz Bukey believes, “It means living in your own world and reflecting your personality through your clothes. I like telling stories with my outfits and sending subliminal messages, which is actually what I do with my accessories line.” The stories told through the Yaz Bukey fall 2014 line are sure to bring you into a new world where Ottoman decadence meets pop culture flair for a bizarre and eclectic trip into a near-East, high fashion dreamscape.

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