The bold daytime swimwear label is not only artistic, it makes a swift transition into nightlife attire as well.

Created from a collab between designers Jeremy Somers and Indhra Chagoury, We Are Handsome is a swimwear darling. Born in the summer of 2009, the line has taken on all of our swim art hopes and dreams. It is heavily inspired (in our opinion) by three of the best decades: the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The swimwear is filled with outlandish and bold designs — from a huge lions gnarly face, to champagne bubbles that glide up your sides, a roaring leopard once piece, a cute puppy’s wide eyes on your backside and a tropical sunset motif. The designers perfectly offset these exciting looks by offering up an option for the shyer gal: floral prints filled with oranges, pinks, yellows and the perfect amount of flirt. What’s better is that these swimsuits are created outfit ready… Throw on some high-waisted shorts or a long maxi skirt and you’re ready for a night out. — Emily Marucci