We dig wedding belles. When it comes to getting hitched you need your hair to be luscious and flawless. Check out these perfect wedding hairstyles for the big day.

bun with jems

loose bun headband brown hair wedding

messy bun feathered headband wedding

feathered headband loose low bun wedding

wreath headband wedding

low bun veil wedding

flowered headband loose bun wedding

bun pearls low bun

wreath headband kissing wedding

curls braid wedding

flower headband holding husbands hand wedding

husband and wife wedding blonde curls jems

fishtail braid wedding

feather pearls headpiece brown hair wedding

beach curls flowers wedding

smiling bride wedding flowers

high bun wedding

low bun wedding

updo wedding hair flowers

bride bridesmaid wedding

short hair wedding

wedding updo floral headpiece

husband wife braid wedding

updo floral headpiece brown hair

classic wedding hair flowers

messy wedding hair


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[all images sourced via Tumblr, if they’re yours, message us so we can give you credit!]