Yves Klein inspires the cashmere geniuses of Banjo & Matilda for their Klein Blue series. 


Ocean. Sky. Beyonce and Jay-Z. The power of blue needs no explanation. Drawing on vision from French artist Yves Klein, known for Nouveau Réalisme and his approach to the monochromatic, Banjo & Matilda celebrate the bold and historic color in their Klein Blue series. Known for their delicate, intelligent and easy-going approach to design, the Bondi-beach brand never fails when it comes to capturing the loveliness of beach lifestyle. Fine cashmere, silk and organic cotton fabric choices are the focus of the eco-conscious brand, which supports “the opposite of ‘fast-fashion’ in sustainability, longevity, endurance and lovability.”


We crush on Banjo & Matilda for many reasons, one of them being their efforts towards community awareness. In 2009 they founded “The Sweater Exchange,” partnering with Mission Australia to collect pre-loved sweaters from their global reach of customers each year and hand them to underprivileged children each winter season — one of many positive projects. Shop Klein Blue by Banjo & Matilda here.