The history of being blonde in pop culture.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

“Blonde symbolises sexuality and power – it holds very different connotations. The archetypal star has always been blonde.”
– Marina and the Diamonds

Blondes have long held a special place in our cultural imagination. Since Hollywood’s humble beginning, movies have created the very meaning what it is to be blonde. Actresses like Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe defined essential blonde characteristics with their sultry sex appeal, glamor, and sophistication. As Hollywood has aged, so its depiction of blondes has somewhat matured. Ditziness seems to have become more of a timeworn stereotype, but the bombshell factor will forever be associated with lighter locks. Off screen, blondes still act as cultural icons, influencing fashion, feminism, and beauty standards. We’ve put together the Blonde Squad A-team to show the magnititude of this cultural aura.