One of our favorite brands, Von Zipper, presents the TOOTS sunglasses. 

With the combination of growing up on a beach and having a constant affair with fashion, it’s no surprise I’ve always had an obsessive relationship with sunglasses. Although my collection might not rival the likes of the Olsen twins (not yet anyways, wait till after I make millions), I have spent quite a few dollars on this particular accessory. However, even throughout my purchases of expensive, cheap, vintage and various other shades, one brand has always found a spot in my wardrobe: Von Zipper. This traditional VZ style, deemed TOOTS, features 100% UV protection, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and stainless steel optical hinges, good for sandy shores, big cities or snow-capped mountains. Also, besides having great style, the Von Zipper brand has a motto we admire and totally agree with: “Our message is a positive manifesto to the alternative mind set, where it is your God given right to scream your individuality at the top of your lungs.” — Rachel Eleanor Sutton