This is Again Apparel, not American.

When you hear any sort of clothing store that has the word “apparel” in it, you automatically think of American Apparel, which leads to imagining an awful knock off brand. Thank goodness Again Apparel is anything but, because the world does not need anymore stores specializing in metallic short shorts and unisuits. Again Apparel is completely different, full of modern pieces with classic twists from designer Amber Kekich-Purling. The line was started in 2011 and is already sold at retailers nationwide. We think Kekich-Purling has a knack of taking ideas and things that span the ages of fashion, like peplums, crop tops, and blazers, but gives them an of-the-moment makeover. The Chaplin Deep V Dolly Dress is reminiscent of the full skirt of the 1950’s, and the Pope Lace Robe will make you look like a modern day flower child (and will be perfect for attending outdoor concerts this summer). We will definitely be going to our closets for Kekich-Purling’s designs again and again. — Carsen Russell