A metal smith and mother, a dreamer and a designer, an artist and an entrepreneur. Lover of abstract art, couture, fashion and hiking (all things we love). The owner of the Etsy store, Golden State Jewelsuses these skills and loves to create amazing, handmade jewelry.

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WHAT: Golden State Jewels Etsy shop.

WHY: We are totally in love with these  handmade artisan diamond and gem jewelry.  We didn’t forget about the classic modern necklaces, earrings, bracelets and nose studs that are one-of-a-kind pieces. Straight up, these creative pieces are a mixture of adorable, badass and super trendy. People will thing you spend thousands on this jewelry, but you definitely didn’t. The best part about Golden State Jewels is this jewelry is super afforable. Nose studs range from $6-$29 and you can buy a name plate  necklace for as low as $20.30…steal.


WHERE: You can wear this jewelry with pretty much everything. Some pieces are more formal, while others are simple enough to wear as everyday pieces.

DOT: Get dazzled here.

sex kitten necklace


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