Strand’s Table Top Darts Board gives us an excuse to stay in.

strand tabl -top darts

WHAT: We know, we know… You are the go-to location for a nice lil’ party. So go ahead and up the ante with this table top darts board. Chicago-based company Strand has taken your corner pub to your home by reinventing the classic game of darts with a hand turn wooden top and a screen printed face. Every one of Strand’s objects is made from sustainably sourced and locally manufactured materials, and if darts isn’t your game, this board also doubles as an awesome centerpiece for your coffee table. Bar games tend to be tacky, so we’re all about the interesting design here.

WHY: Because we’ve all had nights chillin’ with our friends, thinking about going to the local watering hole to hang, but not wanting to brave the weather or put in the effort into heading out … So when everyone gets sick of Scrabble, you gotta have a backup.

WHERE: Keep it on your table as a funky decoration piece or on your indoor bar for your guests to play while they’re shootin’ the shit and drinking.

DOT: Want to be the ultimate party host? Get it here.

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