Hayley Rupe create unusual pieces that are both modern and reminiscent using saturated colors, organic minimalism and natural dioramas for her Etsy store, Muse Glass. She’s also a musician/songwriter and released a full-length album, Fairlane “Light So Bright” in 2009. Check it out.

upper armband arm cuff


WHAT: Muse Glass Etsy store.

WHY: Perfect, simple and timeless jewelry. Her pieces are one of a kind and made to order. What’s better than custom unconventional jewelry? She has everything from rings to arm cuffs (the simplest and most unique add on).  Prices range from $19-$175.

WHERE: Her pieces are simple enough to be worn as everyday pieces, but classy enough to help give that simple touch for a night out

DOT: Get unconventional here.

gold id silver name ring delicate

minimalistic necklace modern gold bar