3D printing is going to change, well, everything, so here’s your guide to the future. Also, it’s Fashion Revolution day, so it’s a perfect time to discuss.

With all the buzz and speculation about what 3D printing will mean for basically the future of everything, we’ve compiled a list of the good, the bad, and the questionable outcomes. Think of 3D printing today as what cellphones were circa 1990 – used by only a handful of people and used for very limited purposes. Now just glance at your iPhone and imagine how this pocket-sized device has transformed the world around it in ways unimaginable when mobile phones were first invented. 3D printing is going to be a similar technology where today we cannot fully predict the impact it will have on our lives, but it most definitely will be a major game changer.

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 The Good

There is a long, long list of all the fantastic things 3D printing has to contribute to society. Already, people who have missing limbs and disabilities are benefitting from innovative prosthetics designed cheaply and easily by 3D printers. Healthcare in general is expected to receive a major overhaul as pacemakers, drugs, transplantable organs, among other necessities can be printed tailored to a patient in a matter of minutes.

Model making in architecture and design is becoming easier and more precise with 3D printing. Usually model making is a laborious and time-consuming first step to creating anything, and simplifying this process allows for more time spent on innovation and creation. Homes are already being built with 3D printers. Architects working on these projects are excited because they believe this means creating emergency housing in disaster zones or in slums could be made for specific regions at a fast pace and at low costs.

Fashion, product design, and art in general, are already capitalizing on 3D printing’s potential. As the world celebrated Fashion Week this past year, 3D printed headdresses, neckpieces and dresses decorated models as they strutted down runways. The future of fashion will be heavily influenced by the new shapes, textures and materials that are possible with a 3D printer.

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