Scottish Artist, Iain McDonald, owns the Scottieinspired Etsy store that we can’t get enough of. For $50, he paints beautiful and unique digital custom pet portraits of your furry friends from your photos using a digital art pen and tablet.

Want to know the crazy part? Once the digital painting is complete he will supply you with the artwork files only (He will not ship a canvas) and you will receive the digital portrait files pre-formatted for every possible use, that you can use again and again. So when your pooch chews your possessions (and your portraits) when you’re out shopping, you can just have another one printed! That’s pretty awesome.

pet portrait iain mcdonald etsy

 WHAT: He has 4 different sizes for canvas printing specially expanded and re-sized for printing onto stretched canvas. He even includes extra painted borders to provide wraparound for a gallery wrapped canvas. (You can get this printed at any local or internet print-shop offering wrapped canvas prints). He also offers 4 different sizes for paper printing that is cropped and formatted to standard photographic print sizes for hassle-free printing and reprinting whenever you need them  (just print at your favorite local or internet print-shop).

cat custom portrait

WHY: Iain is so cool that once he has your photos he will start the digital painting and then contact you in about 1 week with images of the painting for you to review. He will also 100 percent guarantee to make as many changes as you want until you are completely happy with your portrait after which you can download the files, or simply refund your $50 through Etsy if you are still not happy with the review images. Satisfaction guaranteed and entirely risk free? Why wouldn’t you get a portrait made?

golden retriever portrait

WHERE: Obviously, this is the perfect thing for you animals lovers to decorate your home with because it adds that personal touch to make you feel comfortable and right at home.

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