The Etsy store, Dazzling Adornments, is full of unique, inspiring and affordable fake body jewelry. Perfect for those who like to fake it…


WHAT: This Etsy stores number 1 seller is their cuffs. These cuffs vary from Silver plated copper to sterling Silver. You can even get 14k Gold. Thats awesome. The sell nose, lip and ear cuffs that are perfect because they’re small, comfortable and affordable. The best part is each cuff is hand made to order so you can even ask for a little charm on it. We love.

WHY: There are many reasons people may not want to have a permanent piercing. Sometimes piercing aren’t an option for people who have certain metal allergies while some are just scared to get pierced. Whatever your reasoning for not wanting a permanent piercing, dazzling adornments is your solution.

dazzling adornments nose ring

WHERE: This is an everyday item. Create an edgy look by wearing one of these cuffs with any outfit. (It’ll be our little secret.)

DOT: Get in on the secret here.

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