We explore Ole Henriksen’s moisturizer — or should we say… miracle in a jar.

Truth or Dare?! SHK wants to introduce you (in case you haven’t heard) to Truth Crème Advanced Hydration moisturizer by skincare brand Ole Henriksen. This ultra luxurious and feather textured crème is already beloved by our favorite A-Listers (Matthew McConaughey and Eva Mendes… ahem, ahem!) We know that hydrating the skin is one of the only ways to achieve a youthful and glowing complexion, but skincare products can get confusing.  What exactly does it do? Well this crème does five simple things (explained below) each of which will help us understand the product that will keep our skin looking red carpet ready.


1. It helps bind moisture to the skin.

2. It allows for better moisture retention.

3. It contains nourishing essential fats to soften, protect and hydrate.

4. It retains a healthy balance of moisture in skin.

5. It strengthens collagen and improves elasticity.

All of this greatness comes in one of the brands classic, petit orange jars that will fit in perfectly with your everyday skin regime. After all, everyone deserves the truth. — Emily Marucci