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Want that messy, perfect beach hair? Missing an ocean? Meet our fave product for awesome waves, Sachajuan Ocean Mist. Plus some beachy hairdo inspirations.

sachajuan ocean mist bottle

WHAT: Salon Sachajuan opened its doors in Stockholm in 1997, quickly gained tons of hype and respect as one of Sweden’s hottest spots and released their debut products in 2003. The brand bases themselves on being unique and interesting, without loosing simplicity and function. Behind each product — including the Sachajuan Ocean Hair Mist — there’s an active ingredient and technology deemed “ocean silk technology,” which extracts valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae and various tailor made components that create beautiful results on different hair types.

WHY: Because it’s almost beach weather! But no seriously, Sachajuan Ocean Mist is a staple for salty waves. As the air gets humid, controlling those perfectly straight locks becomes tassels of hassle, so it’s always good to have a messy-but-functional option. Also, it smells like the ocean.

WHEN: Day or night… Beach or city. Apply to clean, wet or dry hair.

Get it here.

x click through this slideshow for some ocean hairstyle inspirations x

long wavy beach hair

long wavy beach hair… let loose.

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