One of our favs, Kate Somerville, is beyond, and she makes sure we don’t have to go beyond our bathrooms for this one.

Have you guys heard about Kate Somerville? (Not judging or anything) but… She’s pretty important. And, she’s also responsible for the dermis of Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba. What’s she known for? Well, she has a spa in L.A. where she is famous for something called “Dermal Quench Oxygen Treatment,” it’s a hydrating facial that uses pressurized oxygen to deliver ingredients (and antioxidants galore) to skin. Maybe she heard the desires all of the New Yorkers and other long-distance admirers, so she created a way to get the same results in our own bathrooms. DermalQuench Liquid Lift is the answer. Apply and massage into skin, smell hints of lavender, wash off. That’s it. Unlike going to the spa, you’ll have some money left over for weekend cocktails and shopping sprees. — Emily Marucci