Can we  officially embrace summer yet East Coast? Either way, we need pull on our denim shorts, some cutesy corked sandals and get our hair looking ocean-misty. Hair expert Shirley Hagel shows us hat perfect beach hair texture that you get after just the right amount of salt, sand and wind flows through your hair.


1. While you are rinsing your conditioner, make sure to run your hands through your hair to get your hair smooth and tangle free.
2. Squeeze the excess moisture out, do not rub.
3. Skip the comb! (Shake it out a little with your finger, much like you would when you get out of the pool or the ocean)
   — if you have bangs, put them in the right place with your fingers.
4. Spray a liberal amount of product — I recommend Aveda’s Damage Control (its what I am using here)
4. LEAVE IT ALONE! — resist all urge to fuss with it.
5. When it is almost dry, fluff a little with your hands (add a smidge more product — don’t NEED to)
7. When it is completely dry, fluff once more and hairspray.
x I like to pin the front back out of my face, so I just used bobby pins to secure them. x


diy beach hair
x Want to perfectly air dry your hair but not into beachy wave? x
1. Comb it out
2.Product, gotta put something in it.
3. LEAVE IT ALONE! Let it dry and then mess with it!​
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Shirley is a private and freelance hairstylist, here in NYC. She was born and raised in St Petersburg, Florida. She went to cosmetology school while on summer break from college and worked her way through to her Bachelors degree from Florida State University. She has 9 years experience in this industry, 6 of which were spent with an Aveda Salon, in Tallahassee Florida, Dream State salon.  At Dream State, she was on the wedding team, she was part of the leadership team, she was an educator and she was in charge of the mens grooming department.
Shirley has worked with fashion magazines SHK Magazine and Fab Ego, here in NYC. She worked with Cristo 5th Ave backstage at Miss teen Miss NY USA. She did hair onset of Go Radios Goodnight moon video. She is a color expert and is an expert at cutting short hair, both of which are her passions. She is incredibly visual and often uses a dry cutting technique, to see exactly where the hair is laying and where there is too much weight. Shirley maintains an online portfolio on Facebook, called Shirley Hagel, The Hairstylist Side. You can see her work and personality on her page, as well as get hair advice.